Friday, October 30, 2009

The Feast of All Saints Year B Isaiah 25:4-6

Isaiah 25:4-6
The feast envisioned by Isaiah is a feast of rich food and fine wines for all people. These words must have seemed like a dream to those who first heard them. They were captives in Babylon and the memories of Jerusalem were bitter sweet. A sumptuous banquet on the holy mountain of God which they would have understood as Jerusalem was the farthest thing from the reality of their day to day in Babylon. It might seem the same for us in our day to day captivity to fear or depression, addiction, pride, envy, sorrow, jealousy, lust or whatever it is that has you bound. It is hard to imagine a feast in the midst of our famine but the promise is that God is going to sit down to dine as well. The sheet that covers the nations like a shroud is death and is on God's menu and God will lick the plate clean. The promise to captives gave them the will to endure as it does to all who wait for the final banquet, the feast of victory. God will dine on death and we will have a culinary experience that defies description.

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