Friday, January 22, 2010

Epiphany 3c - Conclusion

This morning I sat down in my writing chair at Roots Coffeehouse, powered up my lap top and got ready to write when I began to experience technical difficulties. First the wireless network didn’t network as in Elvis has left the building. Then a not responding Word refused to, well, respond. Then just like magic the technical difficulties disappeared and everything was as it should be. It’s no secret that I love the wired world but I don’t have a Geek bone in my body and depend on the wires to work without any help from me. The exiles might have known a thing or two about rebuilding the ruins but they needed the Law that is Love explained to them. God’s joy is your strength. The psalmist may have known a thing or two about the perfect law of the Lord but needed to be cleared of hidden faults. The Corinthian congregation may have known a thing or two about speaking in tongues but they needed to be taught the language of love where the many value the one and the one the many for the sake of Christ. And while the hometown folk thought they knew a thing or two about Jesus it was Jesus who knew all about them. And if they could have heard what he said, that the promise was fulfilled in Him then maybe the pregnant pause would have given birth to Good News and sight and release and recovery. As it is he had to do all the work without any help from them or us. And while everything in our wired world is not as it should be there is in the promise fulfilled a hope of how it will be which means we work for what can be.

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