Friday, April 30, 2010

Easter 5c - conclusion

I logged on to last night to map a new run for this morning. Mapmyrun allows you to draw and save runs, keep running logs and share runs online, like my challenging 10.5 mile that hits the big hill at old Birdville stadium at the six mile mark. So when I logged on and saw BigCliff from San Antonio had an 18.5 mile loop through Hurst naturally I was... Let’s just say I had the biggest run on the block until BigCliff from San Antonio busted my butt (pardon my French) so I clicked on his profile. It turns out BigCliff is a mountain biker and rides his run sitting down. I feel better already and I’ve not logged even a mile in my shoes. At Easter 5c the joy of the resurrection has faded into rivalry. Even though the Jerusalem council gives the thumbs up, Peter had to defend his breaking of the old rules to share the New news with Gentiles. In the psalm the natural competition of sun and moon, fire and freeze, predator and prey, young and old are forgotten in praising the Lord. In the new heaven and new earth of John’s vision even the ultimate division caused by death is erased. And if we live the Gospel mandate to love one another as Jesus has loved us then those who ride and those who run are happy to be on the same map.

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