Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Easter 4a - Psalm 23

Bette Schweitzer walked through the valley of the shadow of death last night. Blanche Krey followed early this morning. Family and friends walked with them as far as the living are permitted to go without passing over. Both received and welcomed words of assurance in the commendation of the dying and trusting in the promise of comfort they feared no evil, confident that in the moment family and friends would be forced to let go God would not.  Birthed into the eternal future, welcomed by overwhelming love, surrounded by joy and peace beyond our ability to imagine, they have joined the saints in light at the table God prepares in the presence of death itself.  The promise of the future holds as much hope for the living as is does for the dying. Even in the midst of sorrow and grief God provides green pastures and still waters to revive souls worn down so that when our time comes we too might walk through the valley of the shadow without fear and bathed in light everlasting be greeted by those who have gone on before.

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