Friday, July 29, 2011

Pentecost 7a - conclusion

It’s late in the day and I’m fixin to go ride my mare Seraphina as soon as the temperature drops below 100 degrees, which means I might be riding in the dark. Of course I wouldn’t mind giving up the ride if the clouds that have been gathering all day actually contained some rain. The texts for Pentecost 7a are all about God providing. Isaiah imagines captives with little or no resources feasting on bread and milk and wine without spending a dime. The psalmist sings of the gracious and compassionate God whose hands open wide provide food at the proper time. Paul would sacrifice himself for the sake of his kindred and by chapter 11 in Romans concludes God has done the same for the sake of Israel. And Jesus gives up his solitude to heal the clamoring crowd and before the day is done feeds 5000 and more as well. So pray that the promises contained in the Pentecost 7a texts might seed the clouds with rain that the parched land of Texas might once again rejoice.

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