Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Epiphany 2b - Psalm 139

I went to take my daughter to school early this morning only to discover that in the night someone had jacked my tires and my Chevy Silverado Texas Edition was not going anywhere anytime soon. Neither was this blog which I found took some time to want to write. But God is good and provides in the comfort and aid of family and friends (and very kind and attentive All State agents) My hope is that those who steal will one day understand how what appeared to be a gain was really a loss and that the human family is just that, a family, and that they stole from their brother who wished them no harm.

Here is the hope of the eternal future. All people will finally and forever live as those who know they are “marvelously made”. As it is we either overvalue ourselves, always thinking we deserve something more; or undervalue ourselves, never fully accepting who we are. Of course the nature of sin is that we who are “marvelously made” can’t quite live into what that means, even if there are moments when we come close. The good news is that God remembers we are dust and knowing us before we were formed will recognize us even when unto dust we return. For the God who knew us before we were formed is as close as our own breath and fashioned in the image of the divine God delights in our very being. Therefore we who are marvelously made are to delight in everyone else formed in the same way, which is to say please don’t steal my tires.


  1. I'm sorry abut your tires. I read your blog daily and enjoy it. My Godmother and cousins attend your church in Richland Hills. I live in Boston. We are all originally from Iowa.

    1. Thanks Barb, I'm glad you enjoy the blog. I loved my stay in Boston. It's a great city.