Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pentecost 13b - conclusion

I’m blogging from a Starbucks on 55th and University in Chicago, Illinois. Later this afternoon I’ll have the privilege of preaching at former Calvary intern and soon to be pastor Paul Moody’s ordination. Earlier this morning I ran for an hour along Lake Michigan and as is my habit did a little preaching in my mind (and to be honest out loud when I got a little Spirit filled!) It didn’t seem to bother anyone as there a lot of people in Chicago who talk out loud to no one in particular. There’s a lot you want to say in an ordination sermon but I think the most important thing is to remind us all that the one set apart for the sake of the church is set apart for the sake of the Gospel. We are keepers of the flame, so to speak so that people of God are fully equipped through the proclaiming of the Good News and the Spirit’s fire to BE the people of God in the world. Which is to say it is a call to be a servant of Christ and a steward of the mysteries of God (1 Corinthians 4:1) to care for God’s people by proclaiming the hope that is neither false nor illusory. Twenty one years ago today a wise man preached at my ordination and reminded me of these very things. So here’s hoping that the message proclaimed to Paul and the gathered congregation will serve them as well as my father’s words have served me.

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