Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pentecost 17b - conclusion

My conclusion didn’t get posted and even though it seems to be a moot point on a Sunday morning before 7 am I thought I’d send it out anyway. I presided at a funeral and a wedding this week. Florence Greer went to her reward on September 15 which just happened to be her 93rd birthday. Her husband Jim had gone on a couple years before so this year they’ll get to celebrate their 69th wedding anniversary together. Derek and Ashley are just starting out on their journey. They are young and in love and smile a lot. I have a sense that given the chance they will continue to do so for as long as Florence and Jim did. The life lived together, whether in marriage or family or community of faith enable us to stand despite all the schemes life might devise against us, or the troubles of the everyday that conspire to diminish hope. The life together is a life of submission to each other which is how we submit to the Lord. The devil cannot long withstand such cooperation. And the lesson of the little child is that is God is not interested in who is first or last or in-between which is how we order things. God desires life lived well for and with the other, like a marriage that lasts 67 years on earth and continues in whatever form the future has in store for those loved by God.

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