Friday, January 4, 2013

Epiphany Year C - conclusion

We still have lights on our house and a Christmas tree in our living room. Come Monday we’ll have to put it all away since Sunday is the twelfth day of Christmas which is the official end to the season that begins before Thanksgiving. Of course we've been known to leave our tree up until it becomes a fire hazard but that’s not because we like Christmas so much as we like to burn the tree in our chiminea and a dry tree makes more sparks. Of course we’re not the only ones who notice a dry tree burning in a backyard which is why we had a visit from the Richland Hills fire department who nicely but firmly suggested that next time we put our tree on the curb like everyone else. The Lord is like a bright light arising on the dark night of the captive’s return promising better days ahead.  The justice and righteousness of God is given to the king so he can be a light shining on the poor and oppressed and not just a light unto himself. Paul, the very least of the apostles, is a bright light none-the-less so that the Ephesians will understand the grace that has been given them. And the wise men from the East who do not know the Lord follow the bright light anyway and lo and behold find the creator of the stars in the most unlikely of places. 

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