Thursday, April 18, 2013

Easter 4 C - John 10:22-30

John 10:22-30

In light of the bombing in Boston and the explosion in West, Texas the Gospel assigned to lectionary preachers “I give them eternal life and nothing can snatch them out of my hands” could not be more contextual. It reminds me that the Word written down so long ago speaks as a living word in every age. The sudden and violent nature of these events snatched loved ones from the midst of life in the cruelest fashion but then even deaths for which we wait arrive suddenly in the end. The promise to those who hear the Shepherd’s voice is that this life does not end in abandonment but continues on into a forever future that unfolds in ways we can only dimly imagine. One still hopes for a peaceful passing with friends and family walking up to the very edge to bid Godspeed, but no matter how we cross over the promise from “the Father and I are One” remains. Nothing can snatch you from the hands and heart of Jesus. 

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