Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Easter 4 A - Psalm 23

Psalm 23
The 23rd psalm is on the Year A lectionary hit parade - Lent 4, Easter 4 and Pentecost 18 – which makes it difficult for this lectionary blogger to lie down in green pastures on a Tuesday afternoon. It’s also assigned twice in year B but only once in Year C, thank God. Though truth to be told we probably would do well to recite these ancient words more than once a day or at least the first verse. “The Lord is my shepherd…” As long as we recognize that as true for us there are no days so dark that the light and love of green pastures, still waters and soul restoring mercy cannot be anticipated and appropriated and in that way present for us. So we rely on a relationship with the one who leads us along paths that hold the promise of peace and by the rod and staff keeps us moving through the shadow valleys where we otherwise might be tempted to lie down and die. In the here and now we hear the words as promise but one day goodness and mercy will finally fully catch up with us and dwelling in the house of the Lord will be the forever dream come true.

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