Thursday, June 26, 2014

Lectionary 13 A - Matthew 10:37-42

Matthew 10:37-42
Ok. Truth to be told I love my parents and children as much as I love Jesus which would seem to make me more worthy of Jesus since he’s all about love. But then these passages were penned in a time when loving Jesus got you kicked out of the synagogue and being worthy of Jesus made you less than welcome in your own home. The cross that the first Christians carried was often a real life wooden one as claiming the name of Christ to gain eternal life meant losing your temporal one. We do not bear such crosses but we are called to lose self-centered lives in order to find lives of Christ centered service for the sake of those are thirsty for a cup of cold water or a warm meal or a shelter from the sun or storm. That means loving Jesus more has nothing to do with loving anyone less.

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