Monday, October 6, 2014

Lectionary 28 A - Isaiah 25:1-10

Isaiah 25:1-10
Isaiah imagines God will dine on death and swallow it up forever while the vast multitude of “all peoples” feasts on Chateaubriand and toasts God with a well-aged Cabernet. “Cheers!” It is a universal dream for all who have lived in a city of rubble or a ruined town – whether literally or figuratively. By that I mean we might not experience the physical destruction of our cities and towns but still live ruined lives behind high walls or experience relationships reduced to rubble while appearing to have all things under control. Either way the promise is the same. God will deal a death blow to all that diminishes or dominates or disgraces the gift of life and love. When we live into the promise of God’s intimacy with death (I will swallow it up forever) and us (I will wipe away the tears from your eyes) we are set free to live the future mountaintop feast in our present valley of famine. Which means God is already wiping away the tears from our eyes even if our feast is not yet.

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