Friday, February 13, 2015

The Feast of Transfiguration Year B - Mark 9:2-9

Mark 9:2-9
There is nothing in this text that indicates the disciples intended to build dwelling places of worship so they could stay on the mountain even though preachers often go there. “We can’t stay on the mountain! We are called to the valley.” Bottom line - Peter, James and John were desperate to get off the mountain. The Jesus they knew as a real human being was glowing like a nuclear reactor and talking with ghosts. The offer of three booths is Peter’s way of saying, “please don’t hurt us.” So the story is not about mission or ministry per se. It’s all about the nature of Jesus who throughout his time on earth was always able to “Shine, Jesus, Shine” but choose to be the One who hung out with the least and the lost and the lonely. I think we (myself included) always get God wrong. We are either afraid of what God might do because of what we have done or on the flip side not done. Or we think that God is not intimately involved with the least and the lost and the lonely and is more concerned with the way we color inside or outside the lines. Truth is God just wants to know and be known by us because God knows when that happens we who are terrified on the mountaintop will be courageous in the valley. And when we are courageous in the valley we will color inside the lines where the least and the lost and the lonely (including ourselves) live outside the line of the life that denies us all the life of abundance.

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