Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Easter 5 B - Psalm 30

Psalm 30
Psalm 30 knows a thing or two about suffering. Enemies threatened. Health was lost. The mouth of the grave was wide open. The night was filled with weeping. But Psalm 30 sings of sorrow from the perspective of deliverance. You lifted me up. You restored my health. You denied death its due. You met me in the morning with joy. That is good news for anyone on the other side of trouble. But can we sing the song of deliverance before the song of suffering is stilled? As difficult as it may be the answer is yes. Because Jesus was surrounded by enemies, pierced by nail and thorn in hand and foot and forehead and descended into the grave we can be confident that there is nowhere that we will go that God has not been. And more that Jesus broke free from death's grip so that we can be confident that even when all of life is dressed in sackcloth and wailing we are destined for an eternity of dancing dressed in garments of joy. That will be the day when the song without ceasing is fully sung. In the meantime if all we can do is hum a few bars of the forever song it will be enough to get us through the night of weeping until we are welcomed by the eternal morning of joy.

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