Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Proper 10 C - Psalm 25:1-10

The psalmist, trusting in the Lord, prays that God’s great love and mercy from of old be remembered so that the psalmist's youthful sin and rebellious ways might be forgotten. While the Lord, remembering us in love, erases the memory of our rebellion we do not so easily forget our own folly or foolishness or willful acts of insolence and indulgence. Memories, as fresh as the day they were recorded, return to us and in accusing and condemning bring to mind guilt and shame. The enemy that triumphs over me lives in my own heart and mind as I remember what God has forgotten as if God still holds it against me. Forgiveness freely offered is never fully received as long as I continue to hold myself accountable for the sin God forgot long ago. Since the way of the Lord is first and foremost forgiveness the instruction of the sinner begins with trusting the Lord who is faithful and loving. When we believe the Lord forgives we might dare to forgive ourselves. It does not mean that forgiving is forgetting only that we are no longer bound by the sin we remember. And so we forget the shame of our sin when we remember God’s forgetful forgiveness and whenever we remember that God has forgotten the sin we remember we are fully free from our youthful sins and rebellious ways.

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