Thursday, November 1, 2018

The Feast of All Saints Year B - Psalm 24

Psalm 24
Calvary member Bill Mooney ascended the hill of the Lord on Tuesday. His hands were made clean and his heart was made pure by the King of Glory to whom he lifted up his soul. He now stands in the holy place and gazes upon the face of God having received the promised blessing of peace forevermore from the God of his salvation. For his wife, Mary, and the friends and pastor who walked with him as far as the living are permitted to go his passing is bittersweet because our lives are still lived in the womb of the temporal while he has been birthed into the eternal. But since we belong to “the company of those who seek him” we are assured that the ancient gates will be lifted up for us when we ascend the hill of the Lord to stand beside the saints in the holy place. Until it is our time to climb we pray Godspeed to Bill and rejoice that he has joined the saints in light and waits for us to take our place at the forever feast. 

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