Monday, March 1, 2010

Lent 3c - Isaiah 55:1-13

Isaiah 55:1-13
When I do the math God’s economy appears too good to be true, for we know that nothing worth having is free because if something is free it’s got no resale value. The first hearers of this no money market, the exiles returning from captivity in Babylon, spent everything they had to come home to bitter wine and sour milk. Their homes were occupied by strangers, the temple remained in ruins, and the trees of the field, overgrown by thorns and briers, had stopped clapping a long time ago. Hopes and dreams of returning unto Zion with everlasting joy had all been spent on the reality of a land that was less than welcoming and in many cases downright hostile. The home again exiles, hungry, thirsty and broke had forgotten what got them home in the first place and that even in its sorry state home was better than Babylon. So God speaks up calling the exiles to the table for a prix fix menu of rich food, fine wine and fresh milk. But if we think God’s new economy is free we haven’t read the fine print. No money will be exchanged but getting to the table will take some effort. Forsaking wicked ways and unrighteous thoughts the Lord calls all who would come and eat to listen, look and seek and in so doing return to the hope of the promise. So we too, overwhelmed and under funded, discouraged and downhearted, are called to remember God’s higher thoughts and ways inform ours and not vice versa. In the no money market of God’s economy we hold on to the hope that holds us as we trust God is too good not to be true.

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