Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lent 3c - Psalm 63:1-8

I can’t remember what a dry and weary land looks like since we’ve had a swamp in our backyard for over a month making life more difficult on the Tiny Acre Ranch. Although the chickens don’t seem to mind, Panda the miniature horse has stable fever and even bad Mr. Spud, the dirty dog, finds less joy rolling in the mud and tracking it through the house. Of course I know come June, July & August we’ll be looking at clouds and longing for even a drop of rain. We go through times of spiritual dryness when like the psalmist longing for God is a soul thirsting, flesh fainting desire. In seeking after God you are my God, our thirsty soul and longing flesh, clinging to the hand that holds us, hungers to be satisfied by the feast of God’s help. It is the remembering of steadfast love in the watches of the night or hours of the day that opens joyful lips and prompts praise for the One who is as close as our own breath. The good news for us, living through spiritual feast or famine, drought or flood is that the God we seek remains constant and though our grip might weaken the hand that holds us never will. And the good news for Tiny Acre Ranch is that the backyard will dry out and Panda will be released from her stable to kick up her hooves and whinny with joy, but I’m afraid even when he’s clean bad Mr. Spud will always be a dirty dog.

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