Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pentecost 8c - Conclusion

Genesis 18:1-15; Psalm 15; Colossians 1:15-29; Luke 10:38-42
I’ve stopped at a Starbucks in Stephenville after four hours of driving to take a break and blog. I’m having a tall Americano no room in honor of Pr. Kyle who overcame a fear of heights on the Leap of Faith. (LoF – while attached to a rope and belayed by a counselor on the ground you climb a really, really tall telephone pole, stand on top of it and then leap off attempting to catch and hold onto a trapeze bar ten feet away.) Pr. Kyle not only climbed the LoF, he caught and held onto the bar and then, just because he could, did a chin up. A legend is born! I was busy riding a worried and distracted bay mare at the time so I didn’t witness the wonder but I imagine there was plenty of laughter when Pr. Kyle’s leap of faith proved fruitful. Not like Sarah’s first laugh, the one she denied for fear, but more like the second laugh that came after labor when God made good on the promise and a cooing Isaac was cradled in Sarah’s arms. Like Psalm 15 the holy hill of confirmation camp is about living a right relationship with God made possible by the One who stood by his oath to save us though it cost him dearly. Like the apostle Paul commissioned to reveal the mystery of God the faith of campers is brought into sharper focus through the ministry of incredibly gifted and dedicated young people who give up their summer to work long hours for little pay because they love the Lord. And finally, we who like Martha are worried and distracted by many things would do well to accept the invitation of Jesus and choosing the better part do more by doing less, which will no doubt require a leap of faith.

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