Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mary the Mother of our Lord - Luke 1:46-55

Luke 1:44-55
After three days of blogging on the texts for Mary the Mother of our Lord we finally get around to saying something about Mary, although I think this text is mostly about letting Mary speak for herself. “My soul magnifies the Lord…” is how she begins, even though the great thing that has been done to her is hardly a favor for a young bride to be. Seeing beyond the trouble coming her way she sings the promise of the future in her less than promising present. She sings God’s remembrance of the forgotten, those of little consequence, in a world dominated by the powerful. She sings the mercy of God, who lifts up the lowly and satisfies the hungry with good things while the proud are left to live their illusions. Mary blessed by every generation, not because she was worthy but because she was willing, sings of hope with humility which is why she is the highly favored one. The church, with good intention and out of devotion, has put her on a pedestal and maybe that is where the Queen of Heaven belongs. But I can’t help but think that the young girl who bore and birthed the Word made flesh would prefer it if our souls magnified the Lord by filling the hungry with the good things we take for granted. When we, like Mary, sing the hope of the future and work to make it come true in whatever less than promising present in which we live, God is glorified and Mary the Mother of our Lord is blessed.

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