Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pentecost 11c - Psalm 33:12-22

Psalm 33 continues the “trust me” theme of Genesis 15. Though kings trust in the size of their army and warriors the size of their biceps the one who trusts in the Lord hopes in unfailing love. It means like Abraham we look to the mystery of the unlimited heavens and beyond counting stars, look up to the One who looks down, opening our hearts and minds in holy waiting to abiding hope until unfailing love rests gently upon us. It is unfailing love that satisfies our spiritual hunger, unfailing love that brings us back from the brink of death dealing despair, unfailing love that is our help and our shield in times of trouble. This would be a vain hope for deliverance if the Holy One had only looked down from heaven and in this we rejoice, that when the time had fully come and the waiting world could wait no longer God’s unfailing love left heaven and inhabited flesh and blood so that we could know as we are known and see as we are seen. God’s word through the psalmist is the word to us. Trust me.


  1. This line struck me: "unfailing love... brings us back from the brink of death dealing despair."

    I have a close friend struggling through horrible mental health issues right now. Going on 2 years. I've never seen despair like this, and I confess that I scoffed a bit at this line. Unfailing love doesn't seem to be helping my friend much right now.

    I know, I'm being impatient and short-sighted and weak-faithed. But still. I get mad at God sometimes. I get mad at my friend sometimes. I get mad at myself for loving my friend in ways that fail too often.

    I guess that's why love always perseveres.

  2. Thanks for the comment Marcus and the reality check. My brother-in-law took his life last year even though he was dearly loved by parents, sister, children, and grandchildren and was himself familiar with the unfailing love of Christ. I am sorry for your friend and maybe this post has to be read in light of Wednesdays. I am not a confident Christian but I have confidence in Christ which is to say I depend on God to work it out in the end for your friend, for my brother-in-law Jeff, for all of us who live messy lives. I do think God dying for the mental illness of a creation gone horribly wrong means even when unfailing love appears to fail in this reality it will be more than enough in the next.