Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pentecost 17c - Psalm 113

Psalm 113
I wonder if the princes know the Lord has made room at their tables for the dusty poor, for while they cannot compare to the might and magnitude of God’s majesty they seem quite capable of demanding a dress code that excludes those whose address is the ash heap. I don’t mean to dismiss the psalmist’s all day long praise of the Lord as wishful thinking, but temporal power trumps the Lord when it comes to an invitation to the palace. But then temporal power is temporary and praise of the Lord doesn’t end with the setting of the sun but is from this time on and forevermore. That is because the praise the psalmist sings is the forever song that sees beyond the pomp and pageantry of princes puffed up by pride to the day when every knee will bow in heaven and earth and every tongue confess that the prince of peace crucified on the ash heap is the Lord above all nations whose glory fills the heavens. That being said, if our praise is worthy of the Lord we will not wait for the princes to get with the program but as servants of the Lord spend ourselves to raise the poor from the dust and lift the needy from the ash heap and make a home for those whose life is barren. The forever song does not wait for the future but sung in the present anticipates what will be by making what can be happen today. Praise the Lord.

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