Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pentecost 20c - 2 Timothy 2:3-15

2 Timothy 2:3-15
I’ve been suffering this afternoon, but not as a good soldier of Christ. I opened my Outlook to find an email and noticed that my 2010 folder was missing – as in gone – as in no where to be found even after making all the folder and subfolder +’s  into –‘s. I’m hoping those who know more about this sort of thing than I do will be able to share in my suffering and find my missing folder. We live in a vastly different world than Timothy or his mentor Paul but I am convinced some things will always remain the same. Wrangling over words, which the church has elevated to an art form, only leads to ruin. God would be better served and the Gospel more powerfully proclaimed if we would turn all our –‘s to +’s and by that, of course, I mean the cross.

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