Friday, October 8, 2010

Pentecost 20c - conclusion

2 Kings 5:1-17; Psalm 111; 2 Timothy 2:3-15; Luke 17:11-19

The texts for Pentecost 20c include two tales of lepers being healed, a “Praise the Lord” psalm and the exhortation to endure suffering like a solider. If this were the list for standardized test the question might be which of the four does not belong. The answer appears to be d.) to endure suffering like a solider. But then there is plenty of enduring patience in the other texts so maybe it’s a trick question. The little girl endures slavery in a foreign land but has mercy on her master and gives him what all the wealth and power in the world could not. The Praise the Lord is prompted by God remembering the covenant and the needs of the people who wait for food and justice and redemption. The ten lepers living lost in the land between have endured isolation and prejudice until healed by Jesus, even if only one is made fully whole. Timothy the young preacher endures suffering for the sake of the people given to him by God that truth rightly explained might obtain for all who hear, the salvation that is in Christ Jesus. Oh yes, and I endured the suffering of losing my complete 2010 folder in Outlook (Wednesday’s blog) until a cadre of techies came to the rescue. Of course by that time I had already decided to go with the magic fairy dust (aka reboot and hope for the best) and low and behold it has reappeared. Praise the Lord!

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