Friday, June 3, 2011

Easter 7a - conclusion

Last night, June Holden, a dear saint of God and tireless worker in the kingdom, peacefully entered the hope that sustained her throughout this life. She was surrounded by her children, who despite the sorrow of separation, sped her on her way with tears and kisses and well wishes. Now we with limited sight and knowledge, peering through the mirror dimly, can only wonder at what she sees clearly - beauty beyond description, peace beyond imagination, perfect love beyond comprehension.  We are left like the disciples standing on the mountain where just a moment ago Jesus disappeared into a cloud. Not quite sure what to do they stood still and stared until an angel reminded them there was work to do while they waited for Jesus to return.  We too after having said goodbye for a time to those we love have work to do until our time to cross comes. The psalmist sings of that work where God provides for widows and orphans and the lonely through the people refreshed and rejoicing.  Peter reminds his people the family of faith throughout world shares their suffering so casting anxieties upon the God who cares is a communal exercise. And when we live more fully into Jesus’ prayer “may they be one” we anticipate the day where with perfect harmony we will sing the forever future song. Well done, June, good and faithful servant. Enjoy the promised rest.

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