Friday, May 4, 2012

Easter 5b - conclusion

I want to rewrite my rather convoluted concluding sentence of yesterday’s blog to read “If those connected to the true vine are hardly aware of the connection so as to do more grafting than pruning then abiding is not a verb but a noun.” That is to say when being connected to Jesus is not dictated by doctrine but determined by living out the command to love others as we love ourselves our abiding in Christ is not a conscious decision (verb) but a description of who we were by baptismal birth created to be. (noun) That means the answer to “what should prevent me from being baptized?” is “nothing, even the lack of water. (spit will do) And proclaiming praise to a generation unknown is a given because we live our lives as praise. And while the Beatles made “All you need is love” a number one hit Jesus lived and died it and calls us to do the same without looking for recognition or fame.

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