Friday, May 18, 2012

Easter 7b - conclusion

Seraphina and I forded Big Fossil Creek yesterday which was a big deal for both of us. We’ve been riding along the Richland Hills side of the Corp of Engineers levee for a month or more but have never dared go down to the creek. But since the water level was low and I found an easy access I decided we should cross over to the Fort Worth side. Not that Seraphina doesn’t have a vote in these matters. She does and quite often votes in the negative. But once we got close to the water she was willing to give it a go with a little bit of heel to flank encouragement – if you know what I mean. Of course crossing anywhere else turns out to be a “phina” veto which is why we had to backtrack more than a mile to re-cross the creek at the exact same spot. We are a little like that in that God has to encourage us to cross over things that at first appear too difficult. But once we manage to overcome the initial fear we experience new territory of faith and peace and joy. The disciples trusted God would do the choosing and were willing to add to their number by drawing lots and God did not disappoint. The psalmist trusts the perfect law of the Lord will thwart the plans of the wicked and be like a living stream of water for the righteous. The life of God in the heart of the believer means the life that is eternal can be lived in the present. And like the partnership between horse and rider the relationship we have with the Lord is based on trust and occasionally a little heel to flank encouragement, if you know what I mean.    

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