Friday, July 20, 2012

Pentecost 8b - Conclusion

I’m heading to the Texas hill country on Sunday afternoon for my second week this summer at Ebert Ranch Camp. I’ll be chaplain to the staff, play guitar for worship and be low man on the wrangler totem pole. It is the last week of the camp season for the counselors who I am confident will act like it is their first week for the sake of the campers for whom it is their only week. For me it will be a “the days are surely coming… lead me beside still waters… brought near to Christ… all who touched him were healed” sort of week. Not that we can’t experience Holy Spirit refreshment at home. It’s just that going away often allows you to come closer to what is always near and being inspired by the gifts of others allows us to inhale deeply the fresh wind of the Spirit that is always closer than our own breath. Or in other words - Yee Haw. 

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