Friday, July 27, 2012

Pentecost 9b - conclusion

I’m blogging from the Longhorn Cafe, Harper, TX while waiting for my order of Migas with ham and chorizo. Clint Black is on the radio singing “The lights are on, but nobody’s home” while a table of ranchers sit in the corner catching up on the week’s events. A man in a John Deere cap stops to tell a farmer in overalls and his wife sporting an Aggie t-shirt that he “picked twenty-five pounds of tomatoes yesterday.” Apparently he would have had more if the goats had stayed out of the garden. The lone waitress stops at each table making chit chat and refilling coffee cups as no one seems in a hurry to go anywhere. The texts for Pentecost 9b are about abundance coming from meager means in the same way a bottomless cup of coffee keeps you sitting at the Longhorn even though chores are waiting and the goats are in the garden. The twenty loaves of barley and fresh heads of grain are multiplied by Elisha so that a hundred are well fed with some left over for the next day. The eyes of all wait on you, O Lord, only do so because those who wait believe the drought will not last forever and the “due season” will come in God’s time. The abundance of God’s love cannot be contained or explained or understood so that even when we dimly perceive how high and deep and wide is the love of God we've only just begun to know the riches of God’s grace. And Jesus feeding the five thousand foreshadows the day when the vast multitude will toast the Holy with fine wine and feast on rich food while God dines on death and swallows it up forever. 

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