Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pentecost 19b - conclusion

We have two baptisms and a reaffirmation of faith today. The first will happen at the 11 AM service at Calvary when Holden Rouze is baptized in the midst of the Calvary congregation by his father Pastor Kyle. I’ll ask Kyle and Crystal the questions about instructing Holden in the Christian faith since it would be a little weird for Pastor Kyle to answer his own questions. The second baptism and reaffirmation will take place this evening at Kyrie, Fort Worth. Kyrie meets from 5-7 every Sunday in Zio Carlos Magnolia Brew Pub. Liz will reaffirm her faith and we will baptize her infant son Adam. This will be our second baptism at Kyrie but the first infant baptism. Some might object to baptisms in brew pubs or wonder how the promise to bring the child to the services in God’s house can be accomplished in a pub but I think “where two or three are gathered there I am in the midst of them means “let the little children come unto me” happens wherever Jesus is. 

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