Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pentecost 21b - conclusion

This conclusion to the texts for Pentecost 21b comes after the fact but maybe that is how it should be given all I've done in the last three days. I preached and taught at the lay academy; presided for Via de Cristo and Kyrie, Fort Worth, led music for the church picnic and Kyrie, and served three different meals to large groups. The point of which is that none of it would have been possible without a whole host of saints who serve Christ by helping me get more done in a weekend than is humanly possible.That’s not to say I’d care to repeat these three days anytime soon, (and I dare say neither would they) but having accomplished so much in such a short time does give some satisfaction when the day is done. So the suffering servant of Isaiah will see the vindication he is waiting for. The Psalmist will be lifted up by unseen angels because the Lord loves him. The Son made perfect by suffering will make peace for people as the source of eternal salvation. But the two who tried to get ahead of the ten are sent to end of the line because that’s the place of honor in the kingdom of God. 

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