Friday, May 31, 2013

Pentecost 2 C - conclusion

We bid farewell our cat Tika (pronounced tick-ah) today. She came to our house as a kitten when daughter Mary Ruth (17) was just learning to talk. Mary’s word for cat was tick-ah. Lisa brought a mamma Siamese and a box of mixed kittens home from Wal-Mart one night and put them in the TV room before going to bed. Early in the morning we heard a squeal of delight and tiny feet running down the hall announcing to all the world “tickah, tickah, tickah, mo tickah tickah tickah’s!” We found homes for the offspring of Mamma Willow and whoever but kept the smallest kitten who we named Tika. We've had a lot of cats over the years but I think Tika occupied a special place in our hearts because of the way she was named by our little Weeda. The relationships that enrich us come in many forms but Solomon prays that the One who created the heavens will spend some time on the earth. The psalmist imagines the same thing as the big G God inspires a new song as joyful as finding a box of tikas in the TV room. Paul wants to be clear there is only one Gospel and all our lives and loves depend on the God come down to dwell in the person of Jesus. And finally the centurion appreciated by the people that he has helped does not presume to ask for himself but is blessed none-the-less for the thing he desires in much the same way a little kitten abandoned in a Wal-Mart parking lot found a home for life with Mary Ruth. Godspeed Tika.  

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