Monday, June 3, 2013

Pentecost 3 C - 1 Kings 17:17-24

The widow and the prophet have the same reaction to the death of the child even though the prophet is more polite - “have you done this?” rather than “what do you have against me?” For present day prophets and widows the question does not have an immediate answer as our stories often don’t have happy "See, your son is alive" endings. So what do we do with our stories in light of this ancient tale? I think we stretch ourselves out on the lifeless body of our faith and cry out, “let this faith live!” Like a widow in ancient times who would be destitute without a son and a prophet who depends on God being present for proof we need some sort of confirmation that the One whom we question can deal with what we find difficult to understand and ultimately to bear. The good news is that the Lord listening to our questions is willing to endure our doubt and responds to our need with the resurrection hope that begins and ends with Jesus’ lifeless body held three days by death only to break free once and for all. Of course that is still an ancient story far removed from the troubles we face. But if someone we know would be willing to stretch themselves over us for three days – or whatever it takes – we might be resurrected in ways that will bring life to faith and faith to life.

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