Friday, June 28, 2013

Pentecost 6 C - conclusion

I bought a four pan steam table for the Calvary kitchen today. It meant I got to spend some time at Mission Restaurant Supply on White Settlement which for me is like being a kid in a candy store. So much stainless steel under one roof! The steam table means we will retire the roasters and can serve and keep food warm more efficiently even if the gradual transformation of the kitchen resembles something like a takeover by the Borg. Of course the changes are driven by use and like so many of the spaces at Calvary what was intended is no longer what is needed and what will be only the Lord knows. It's like burning the yoke and eating the oxen and taking a call to Minot, North Dakota. It's trusting the purposes of the Lord are that we land in pleasant places even if the way there means going through Sheol. Like any change in the church it calls for cooperation rather than self-indulgence though I dare say differences over doctrine are more easily resolved than opinions over remodeling. But in all things we are to learn the lesson of the Gospel. It is not our place to call down fire on those with whom we disagree. We are to follow Jesus as if we had no home, no time to bury the dead or say goodbye to the living. And when we follow Jesus with single minded devotion every place is home and the dead are raised and there are no goodbyes.

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