Friday, June 7, 2013

Pentecost 3 C - conclusion

Mary Ruth found herself a "Tika" cat who was destined for the shelter and persuaded us to say yes to her bringing it home by texting pictures of a kitten too cute to be destroyed. Of course all kittens are cute but Oscar (the new Tika) was posed in such a way that even people who are not fond of meows started purring when they saw it. In the texts for Pentecost 3c a widow's accusation "what do you have against me...?" motivated the prophet to throw himself on a lifeless body three times until God returned breath to the boy. The psalmist endures the weeping of the night convinced that by morning's light better things will be revealed. Paul defends what has been revealed to him because he is convinced it is more true that what he had previously believed. And when in the gate of Nain the widow parade of lament meets the Jesus parade of expectation anything is possible.

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