Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lent 5 A - Psalm 130

Psalm 130
The depths from which psalm 130 cries out have not descended to the level where one doesn't care if the Lord remembers sin or not. Instead we are encouraged to hold onto the hope that the Lord hears our cry no matter how far we have fallen. That is not to say the darkness of our night will soon give way to the sunrise – the psalmist waits for the Lord more desperately than those who wake at 2 AM and know without a doubt there will be no going back to sleep. But to cry out to the Lord in the loneliness of the long night is to trust that the Lord knows we are lost in that loneliness. This is not a panacea to the real problems we face but rather a promise that we are not alone in the depths and that there is a good chance that you will hear me crying out to the Lord, or maybe I’ll hear you, and the steadfast love of the Lord will be revealed when the long night of waiting will be made more bearable when we wait for the dawn together. In the end the light of the Lord, who is forgetful of what we remember (sins) and who remembers what we forget (God’s faithfulness) will make all things new when we forget how to love sin and the Lord remembers what it was like in the beginning to walk with us when we didn't love sin. Or in other words God's long night of desperate waiting will finally be over. 

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