Thursday, April 3, 2014

Lent 5 A - Romans 6:8-11

Romans 8:6-11
The eighth chapter of Romans, following Paul’s confession “wretched man that I am”, begins with a capital T “therefore” that should be underlined, highlighted and printed in bold. “Therefore there is no condemnation…” which leads Paul to declare by the end of the chapter that he is convinced that the capital T “therefore” means nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus. In between the beginning and the end of the chapter Paul exhorts the Romans to live fully into this new reality. So to set one’s mind on the flesh in spite of this new “nothing can separate us” reality is to live as if death still had the last word which is to give death more than its due. The trouble is we still live in the land where death appears to have more power than life no matter where one’s mind is focused so that even when we believe our minds are fully set on the Spirit our lives have little peace. So what is a mind to do? Well maybe a little less thinking about what happens in the middle of chapter eight in favor of letting the beginning and the end have its way with us. Therefore nothing (not even our minds set on the flesh?) can separate us from the love of God. Peace.

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