Monday, September 7, 2015

Pentecost 16 B - Isaiah 50:4-9

Isaiah 50:4-9
The word that sustains the weary is that the teacher knows a thing or two about suffering. He has endured far more than verbal ridicule and yet morning by morning remains confident of God’s presence and help. It is one thing to suffer and quite another thing to suffer alone. That is a disgrace one cannot long endure which is how laments become songs of praise even when one continues to suffer at the hands of the unjust. The teacher who endured the cross for the sake of the world is more than able to sustain us with a “morning by morning” word of peace that surpasses the world’s ability to understand. Therefore we do not turn back or rebel against difficult things done for the sake of the weary for the One who was wearied for the sake of the world is the living Word that sustains us all.

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