Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Reformation Sunday - Psalm 46

Psalm 46
No Fear. It is more than a bumper sticker declaration of one’s willingness to engage in reckless behavior. The “No Fear” of Psalm 46 is not found in bravado but in being still in the refuge and strength of God’s very present help. Be still when mountains tremble. Be still when waters roar and foam. Be still when nations collide and kingdoms totter. Be still when your place on the planet is less than secure, when troubles rise and circumstances conspire against you. Be still. The help that comes in the morning is available through the night for the Lord of Hosts with us stills us. Don’t get me wrong. There is plenty to fear and much to lament. But God in our midst, like a stream that makes one glad, flows through times of trouble turning them into holy habitations. Living into no fear means we do not wait for a day to come but live fully into the present by pausing in stillness inviting the eternal into the everyday so that with the psalmist we will not fear even if…

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