Thursday, October 22, 2015

Reformation Sunday - Romans 3:19-28

God is the One who is just and the one who justifies; period, end of sentence. So why do we work so hard for what is none of our business? I don’t mean sin; we don’t have to work at disobedience or doubt or self-centeredness or disregard for the needs of others or neglect of the planet or any of the ways we are guilty of being less than what God intended humans created in the image of God to be. No. Sin is all about us which is why the just One who intends to justify the creation gone its own way enters the fray to contend with the inevitable consequence of our rebellion, namely, death. Faith does not activate or complete what God has already done in entering the human story. Faith means we enter God’s story in the Christ and stop working for what is already ours because we no longer doubt what is beyond comprehension. We are already justified, made right with God, because God won’t have it any other way, which means we are free to be what it means to be fully human.

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