Friday, August 5, 2016

Proper 14 C - Luke 12:32-40

This is where God’s “trust me” rubber hits the road. Put aside the desires of the capital M me that lusts after treasure that is transitory for the sake of treasure that is everlasting. Trust me means follow me and follow me means trust me. You can’t have one without the other. Faith is passionate not passive. If this is the measure of a trust that follows – sell your possessions and give to the poor – then most of us must admit our trust falls short of worthy. But then being continually dressed for service is not about carrying our own weight otherwise Jesus is just another version of a do this don’t do that debit credit system where one is rewarded for service rendered. No. Being continually dressed for service means being clothed in the cross where Jesus did the heavy lifting once and for all. The kingdom is gifted not earned. The purse that will not wear out was purchased for us and Jesus is the treasure that is the heart’s true home and will never be exhausted. And the capital M master is already dressed to serve returning in the here and now when have no fear little flocks gather at table to dine on bread and wine. Our waiting and watching with lamps lit takes on a different meaning when instead of an end time event the unexpected hour is continually coming in the here and now. We are Christ present for each other so that we find the strength to endure another day despite our faltering courage. Every random act of kindness, every generous gift of grace, every word of mercy that mends broken relationships is a kingdom come moment. And the good news is that God proves trustworthy even when we are not. Which means even “trust me” is a gift.

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