Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Lent 1 A - Genesis 2:15 - 3:21

However you read this story, as literal truth or origin myth, it is spot on about humanity’s fatal flaw. Living in paradise the first humans were not satisfied. The serpent gave voice to the doubts already in their minds about the One who walked and talked with them but withheld one thing from them. It was their lust for the fruit, a delight to the eye and desirable for knowledge, that led them to roll the dice and bet paradise they’d gain more than they would lose. Of we course we know they lost everything except the One who walked with them in the first place. Even though the ultimate consequence of their disobedience is death, God clothes them to cover their shame and protect them from the harsh reality of life outside the walls of paradise. That’s the grace in this story for them and for us.  Despite our rebellious nature, our own lusting after power or possessions, or our devaluation of self through destructive behaviors or relationships, the One we have offended bears the offense of the cross, clothing us in righteousness, so that in our final end we return to that perfect beginning.

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