Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Epiphany 5a - Psalm 112

Psalm 112
Okay, there is something not right with the world when it is 36 degrees in Pittsburgh, PA and 18 degrees in Fort Worth, Texas. It must be that the two cold weather teams decided to make our hometown feel more like theirs. Of course those who will entertain us on Sunday with an exhibition of regulated violence are cozy warm in Omni hotels in Dallas and Fort Worth. A good number of folks who won’t be watching the Superbowl are freezing to death on the street or huddled in shelters on Lancaster Ave. I blogged on Psalm 112 on August 24th, 2010 as it was also appointed for Pentecost 14c I was tempted to re-post since I didn’t have a single subscriber on August 24th and hoped the Calvary members who get this by email wouldn’t notice. But then it occurred to me on this bitterly cold day that the people of God at Calvary will live this word tonight through Room in the Inn in a way we didn’t last August. On the 24th I wrote “The response of the righteous to evil tidings in every age of uncertain times is to be gracious and merciful. Hearts that are steady in unsteady times distribute freely to the poor, lend themselves and their resources generously and deal justly with all in every circumstance.’ Tonight we will distribute freely to the poor by hosting a dozen homeless men in our Family Life Center, but more than a safe place to sleep we will lend ourselves and our resources through relationships established by meals shared and hospitality extended. I ended my post on August 24th with these words which seem approprite for this post as well. “Steady hearts that do not fear live today as if the “I make all things new” endless age was an already though a not yet present reality. And of course it is and will be whenever and wherever the righteous act righteously.

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