Monday, February 21, 2011

epiphany 8a - Isaiah 49:8-16

Isaiah 49:8-16
If not for verse fourteen I would be tempted to read these passages of Isaiah and say something less than kosher about God. Let’s be honest and say that in times of trial while waiting for the promise “in a time of favor I have answered you,” to come true we live forever verse fourteen “the Lord has forsaken me.” That is why verses fifteen and sixteen sustain us while we wait for green pastures where mountains are brought low and valleys are lifted up, where hunger and thirst are quenched and even the unpredictable weather has heavens and earth singing the eternal spring. The word we rely on for promises not fulfilled is “How can I forget you?” The Lord is more present than a woman wide with child or a mother needing to nurse, for our names are written on the hand of God. Given the transitory nature of our existence the promise of God remembering is eternal which puts our trials in proper prospective.

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