Friday, February 25, 2011

Epiphany 8a - conclusion

Isaiah 49:8-16; Psalm 131; 1 Corinthians 4:1-5 ; Matthew 6:24-34

I am writing this post on a laptop while connected to a 4G hotspot via my android phone. The writers of the Bible could never have imagined such a world in their wildest dreams, but they knew a thing or two about anxiety and as good as 4G may be it can’t Google you out of a truly hot spot. The word about worry is as relevant today as it was in the day it was written, which says something about how this ancient word is living and active, able to breathe new life into dry bones. Do not worry, writes Isaiah, for God like a nursing mother will not forget or forsake you. Do not worry, writes the psalmist, but quiet yourself and like a little child climb into God’s lap. Do not worry yourself with judging one another, writes Paul, but occupy yourself as servants of Christ and trustworthy stewards of the mysteries of God. Do not worry about your life, says Jesus, for your life is more than possessions, so seek after the kingdom and the righteouness of God. Tomorrow morning the family and friends of Michael will celebrate his life and bid him God speed to that eternal realm that is without worries. On Saturday the family and friends of Bobby will do the same. It may be that every death is in some way premature, at least to those left behind, but the “do not worry” word we cling to is that in the mystery of the Word made flesh the end of life is its beginning and that this life, like the one we lived for a short while in the womb, was always meant to be temporary housing for the eternal soul.

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