Thursday, September 15, 2011

Let the Love of Jesus

I wrote these lyrics three years ago. The tune is CCR's version of Midnight Special.

E                      A7
Let the love of Jesus
Shine its light on me
Let the love of Jesus
Shine its light me

                             A7                                           E
Well Jesus told a story, bout some workers in a field

                   B7                                           E
Who got to thinking, we deserve a better deal

                                   A7                                             E
When the day finally ended, they thought they’d get more

                         B7                                                   E  E7
But the master told them, it’s what you singed up for.


No one’s deserving, no matter who you are
All sin is equal, in the sight of God.
All are forgiven, and in Christ set free
To live the love of Jesus, for all the world to see


Well when Jesus comes looking, for you to work today
Don’t sit around and argue, about your pay.
You’ll be rewarded, by the work you do
When you show others mercy, like its been shown to you


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