Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pentecost 13a - Psalm 103:1-13

Psalm 103:1-13
It is easy to bless the Lord, O my ssy to bless th eLord oul on a beautiful day like today in Fort Worth, TX. 78 degrees and sunny with a slight breeze is a benefit I will not forget, especially next week when triple digits are forecasted to return for one last hurrah. The psalmist satisfied with good things and filled with youthful energy remembers sins forgiven and diseases healed, which means there were days when benefits were hard to find and blessings too few to number. But the love of the Lord can be counted on to be steady and constant precisely because our lives are not.  Which is why my thoughts and prayers turn this beautiful day in Fort Worth to people all over Texas battling fires started by high winds and low humidity and devastating drought. We count on lives redeemed from the grave so that in times of ease or difficulty, abundance or want, justice or oppression, beauty or devastation we remember we belong to the Lord and all our times are in God’s hands. And in the meantime we pray for rain.

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