Friday, October 14, 2011

Pentecoat 18a - conclusion

If the details of our everyday were not so important to our sense of wellbeing we’d find it easier to live into radical messages of freedom were nothing ultimately mattered except connecting to the eternal future and the divine spark that is in the DNA of humans created in God’s image whether they recognize it or not. But the captives suffered real pain and hardship and loss for seventy years before God tapped the master of the world on the shoulder and said send my people home. And while the psalmist might sing of the Lord who established the earth so firmly it cannot be moved I bet he’d duck for cover in an earthquake. I don’t doubt the Thessalonians received the word with rejoicing despite persecutions but I cannot believe they did not cry out and doubt when push became more than shove. And Jesus who dodges the Pharisees with a clever comeback will not be so witty when his hands and feet are fastened to wood. “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” We live in between what is and what will be and every moment we live more fully into the future by trusting freedom over captivity, firm footing over shaky ground, acceptance over persecution and life over death we are able to endure even the most difficult of our every days.

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