Friday, October 7, 2011

Pentecost 17a - conclusion

The Café menu for Wednesday was Pastor Phil’s “even better than mom’s” Meatloaf, Potatoes Elaine (mashed red potatoes with the skin) the classic Green Bean Casserole and a brand new salad that I’ve named Intern Alex’s BLT Salad. (you can view the recipe at It was a comfort food feast for the patrons of the café and as always a wild ride for the kitchen crew where almost everyone got burned including yours truly. The texts for Pentecost 17a are all about feasting. Isaiah dreams the feast of fat things for all people where God’s diet is death. The table prepared with cup overflowing is in front of enemies and in shadowed valleys, kind of like a midweek gathering at church for comfort food. Feasting and rejoicing go hand in hand and thinking on all things lovely gives strength to weary souls. And even if one guests comes undressed and is subsequently undone the rest of the guests enjoy the hospitality of the king. Maybe this is a case where the 99 are more important than the 1?

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